ALERT! Vacant Property Ordinance on City Council Agenda

Fayetteville City Council will discuss a proposed downtown Vacant Commercial Property Ordinance August 1 @ 5:00 p.m. in council chambers.  If Council approves the proposed draft, the ordinance will be placed on an upcoming agenda as public hearing.  Details of the ordinance are below.  To read the ordinance in its entirety please click here     Vacant Property Ordinance – Final

To view the footprint the ordinance will be implemented click here   vacantordinancefootprint

Highlights (from City memo)


  • To ensure public safety within Fayetteville’s Primary Dire District and only applies in this District
  • To minimize the risk of damage from fire, flooding or other hazards of vacant commercial properties
  • To deter crime and theft of materials from vacant commercial properties

Registration required

  • Voluntarily initiated
  • Within 30 days of the owner receiving a Notice of Registration Requirement

Registration fee

  • Annually – $1,000


A building that is ACTIVELY listed with a licensed North Carolina realtor and offered for sale for no longer than one calendar year shall be exempt from the registration fee provided the building is offered at a price not to exceed 20% above the assessed value as documented by the Cumberland County Tax Administrator.  This is adjusted annually using a correction methodology provided by a local appraiser.  Proof of such tax value and realtor listing shall be required annually in order to renew the exemption.  A similar process is used for properties to be leased.  Additionally, properties with a building permit demonstrated to be necessary to prepare the property for occupancy, lease or sale may also be exempt.

Additional requirements

  • Maintenance standards
  • Security requirements
  • Local agent required for out-of-area owners
  • Quarterly life-safety inspections

Penalties and appeals

  • Violators must establish a plan for corrective action acceptable to the Planning and Code Enforcement Director
  • Failure to register – $500
  • Failure to annually register – $500
  • Failure to maintain – $.20 per square foot up to $500
  • Failure to submit a plan of corrective action – $500
  • Failure to implement plan of corrective action – $.20 per square foot up to $500
  • Appeals – Board of Appeals
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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

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