B Street Revitalization Coalition Meeting

On May 3rd, a group of organizations, businesses, residents, elected officials and city/county staff met at the Fayetteville Habitat Humanity office to discuss proposed revitalization efforts around the B Street Area.

Background (information is from the City of Fayetteville B Street 2010 police report) – The area is plagued with quality of life issues that correlate with crime that has occurred for over thirty years presenting a classic case of “broken windows.” Police have responded using reactive and proactive strategies as a band aid approach providing temporary relief through arrests. This strategy was developed to respond to causal factors, establish partnerships for community involvement and participation, and increase the likelihood of permanent improvement for the area.

Click here to view the police report regarding B Street.   http://www.popcenter.org/library/awards/goldstein/2010/10-33.pdf

Click the link below for the B Street map.  The area within the purple boundaries is the revitalization area.


Talking points regarding the revitilazation

  • Habitat For Humanity met with Fayetteville’s Chief of Police Harold Medlock to discuss the neighborhood revitalization project
  • Habitat met with Habitat International for seed money.  International has initially approved a $100,000 grant
  • Current residents have been asking for 20 years for help to revitalize the community
  • The community coalition for this project is crucial for it’s success
  • Habitat Development Director Erica Gordan is working with the Fayetteville police department in a grant application of 1 million dollars
  • Fayetteville State University is also providing the research to help obtain the police grant
  • Habitat will receive funding for the revitalization for the next 3 years
  • The coalition will have town hall meetings on a regular basis
  • A “Rock the Block” will be held on B Street in July
  • There will be a range of housing products to include new construction, rehabilitation, painting projects

Habitat is using a “Five Step Approach to Asset Based Community Development.”

1. Mapping completely the capacities and assets within the targeted “B Street” area
2. Building relationships among local assets (the community & residents) for mutually beneficial problem-solving within the community
3. Mobilizing the community’s assets fully for economic development and information sharing purposes
4. Convening as broadly representative a group as possible for the purpose of building a community vision and plan
5. Leveraging activities, investments and resources from outside the community to support asset-based locally defined development

Breakdown of the B Street area.

22 rentals (some multi-family)
15 owner occupied
38 vacant lots
46 parcels zoned commercial with some residential on them
9 need condemned
1 lot next to a school could potentially be used as a community garden

130 total parcels

The B Street project includes:

What Was Said:

Elizabeth (B Street resident) – “I have lived 57 years on B Street.  I want to be able to sit on my porch and have a glass of tea and not worry about getting shot at.”

Tammy Laurence – “It’s not Habitat driving this train…it’s all of us.”

Donna Decker (Habitat Director of Neighborhood Revitalization) – “I am not a bit fearful of this neighborhood.”

What’s Next?

June 30 – Coalition Meeting
July – “Rock the Block”


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