Candidate Questionnaire – Ron Ross running for Cumberland County Commission District 2

Do you have any ideas or a plan to help with the current negative economic results of the pandemic and how would you implement?

Set guidelines, if a business can meet those guide lines, they should be allowed to re-open.

If elected, how would you resolve any water issues (i.e. Gen X) or future water contamination in your County? How do you safe guard clean water?

Chemours/DuPont Plant cause the problem-they should be made to pay for all damages (water lines in the county, connection fees to homes all environmental damages). Make an example of them.

Now that Cumberland County is considered a Tier 1 statues, what grants would you propose applying for?

Before applying for grants-the county needs to address the Employment rate, Raising the median household income, and having an honest conversation on improving our schools, and working with business on how to improve employment, and affordable housing, etc.

As REALTORS® become more engaged in our communities, how do you propose to improve communication to be a part of the conversation instead of REALTORS® being reactive to issues that harm homeownership and private property rights?

How to improve communication with Realtors? How about setting down and just beginning a conversation on the needs of Housing in Cumberland County, as a county Commissioner, I will listen.

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