Major Rezoning Denied by Hoke County Commissioners

Commissioners voted to deny the request below. Commissioner Bobby Wright the only vote to pass the rezoning. Developer – Harold Kidd with Upland Partners submitting the requestDeveloper wanted to rezone to Residential R8 which would have allowed for lots of a minimum of 8,000 square feet. The land will stay currently Residential Agriculture 20 whichContinue reading “Major Rezoning Denied by Hoke County Commissioners”

Sanford City Council Approves Industrial Park

From: The Sanford Herald The city continues to grow as two new developments of townhomes and a large industrial park were approved by the Sanford City Council Tuesday. After months of discussions and public hearings and unanimous approval from the Planning Board, council voted to approve a statement on the long-range consistency and the zoningContinue reading “Sanford City Council Approves Industrial Park”

Call to Action from Homebuilders Association of Fayetteville

The North Carolina General Assembly has passed bipartisan legislation to stop the NC Building Code Council from adopting outrageous energy code requirements that would add approximately $20,400 to the cost of the average new home in North Carolina. Moreover, we estimate that the cost of these code requirements would price more than 102,500 North CarolinaContinue reading “Call to Action from Homebuilders Association of Fayetteville”

Fayetteville City Council Meeting Report October 24

The following agenda items were discuss and voted on as they pertain to real estate. Case P22-36 Conditional rezoning from Single-Family to Mixed-Residential Conditional Zoning for no more than 160 units. The property is 15.14 acres and is located on 7009 Fillyaw Road. The developer plans to build 125 units. The property is owned byContinue reading “Fayetteville City Council Meeting Report October 24”

Candidate Peter Pappas D6 Fayetteville City Council Questionnaire

1. Candidates Full Name: Peter Pappas 2. Daytime Phone Number: 9102215789 3. E-Mail: [email protected] 4. Current Occupation Position: Broker/owner 5. Previously Elected/Appointed Position(s): Commissioner – Fayetteville Cumberland human relations commission, current since late 2020 6. Community Involvement: Job creation, helping small business with consulting and locating places for their business to thrive. 7. Community Endorsements:Continue reading “Candidate Peter Pappas D6 Fayetteville City Council Questionnaire”