County Tax Revaluations Complete

(from Cumberland County government memo)

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From:  Sally Shutt, Public Information Officer
email:  [email protected]

Tax officials estimate the taxable value for real property in Cumberland County has dropped approximately $560 million, or 2.9 percent from 2016.  The decrease means the county faces a potential loss of $4.1 million in tax revenue.

Overall, residential assessed values are down 4.9% percent and commercial assessments are up 4 percent.  Approximately 72 percent of the tax base comes from residential properties and 28 percent from commercial and industrial.

County Manager Amy Cannon – “We have some challenges and the best thing we can do is develop some options for the board to consider,” “That could include reducing our expenditures, which may lead to a reduction in county services.”

Another option is adjusting the tax rate.  Based on information today, the county would need to raise the tax rate approximately 2 cents to generate the same tax revenue as before the revaluation.

Other Municipalities:

Fayetteville – dropped $435 million (3.5 percent)

Hope Mills – dropped $2.5 million (.3 percent)

Spring Lake – dropped $6.2 million (1.5 percent)

Eastover – dropped $4.4 million (1.7 percent)

Stedman – dropped $183,284 (0.2)

Wade – INCREASED $445, 510 (1.4 percent)

Godwin – INCREASED $290,264 (4.5 percent)

Falcon – INCREASED $246,447 (1.9 percent)

Linden – dropped $101,606 (0.7)


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