Cumberland County Zoning Ordinance – Coliseum Tourism Overlay District

The Cumberland County Civic Center Commission has proposed a Coliseum Tourism Overlay District (CTOD).  The Cumberland County Joint Planning Board will meet on March 18, 2014 @ 7:00 pm in the Historic Courthouse to vote on the ordinance.  Public comment will be allowed.

Next Step:

Once the Planning Commission approves the CTOD, the ordinance will move forward to the County Commissioners for final approval April 21.  The City Council also has the CTOD on their agenda for a vote in May.

Link to the CTOD is below.

Talking Points: (from the ordinance)

CTOD – The primary purpose of this district is to ensure development within the district boundary is compatible with the objective of promoting the Crown Colliseum Complex and establishing the image as a contemporary, vibrant retail area that is harmonious with the complex events.  Ensuring that new construction and redevelopment is oriented to serving the users of the coliseum complex particularly the traveling public, the economic well being of the county will be maximized.

Location – 327.98 acres bounded by US HWY 301 (Gillespie Street), SR 2283 (East Mountain Drive), SR 1007 (Owen Drive) and NC HWY 87 (Martin Luther King JR Freeway)

New Uses – All new uses of property and any change in an existing use shall first require approval of a Conditional Zoning application subject to the provisions of Article V prior to commencement of the proposed or change in use.

Land uses within the CTOD are limited to:

  • alcoholic beverage control sales
  • apparel and accessory sales
  • assemblies, community, assembly hall, armory, stadium, coliseum, community center, fairgrounds, similar uses
  • banks, savings and loan company, other financial activites
  • books and printed matter sales
  • convenience retail with gasoline sales, including drive through motor vehicle washing
  • dry cleaning
  • farmers’ market
  • flower shop
  • hotel
  • motor vehicle rentals
  • office use
  • public/community utility stations
  • recreation
  • restaurant
  • swimming pools
  • veterinarian


  • outdoor storage



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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

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