National Association of REALTORS® meets with White House on Eviction Moratorium

  1. NAR meets with White House on Eviction Moratorium

Sep 16, 2020 7:28 AM
Megan Booth

Yesterday, NAR President Vince Malta and other NAR leaders met with officials from the White house office of the Domestic Policy Council and the National Economic Council to discuss the eviction moratorium. President Malta outlined our significant concerns with the order and the burden it places on housing providers.

He explained that “kicking the can down the road” and creating mountains of debt for renters would simply lead to a flood of evictions come January. REALTOR leaders presented anecdotes about the more than 40% of mom and pop owners around the country and how they are struggling to meet their obligations without rental income.

They also explained about the confusion surrounding the order and how it is being interpreted very differently by different courts. During the q&a, REALTORS asked what relief would be provided to property owners – who were ineligible to receive unemployment or PPP or EIDL loans to make up for their lost revenue.

White House staff said the Administration is committed to an additional stimulus bill and are working with Congress. They are open to including rental assistance. In the absence of Congressional action, the Administration is also working to prioritize funds for more relief, and will consider a rental assistance program as part of that.

President Malta thanked the White House for their time and attention, and offered NAR’s expertise as they move forward with further relief measures. The White House thanked NAR and REALTORS for the dialogue.

Megan Booth
National Assn of REALTORS
Washington DC


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