New North Carolina Law! – Landlord & Tenants HB 802

What bill is now law?  North Carolina House Bill 802

Name of the bill?  “Laws related to landlord and tenant relationships to shorten the time period required to evict a tenant

What does this mean for me?  This legislation is aimed at decreasing the timeline for eviction of a tenant by reducing the number of days each process in a summary ejection proceeding and eviction proceeding….”Chet Oehme, Chairman of FRAR Property Management Committee”

What is the decreased timeline? Time changed from 10 days to 7 days

When does this bill take effect in North Carolina?  September 1, 2013

Bill wordage below:

In a small claim action for summary ejectment, the magistrate shall render judgemet on the same day on which the conclusion of all the evidence and submission of legal authorities occurs.  Unless the parties concur on an extensionof additional time for entering the judgment and except for more complex summary ejectment cases, in shich event the magistrate shall render judgment within five business days of the hearing.  Complex summary ejectment cases include cases brought for criminal activity, breaches other tha nonpayment of rent, or public housing tenants and cases with counterclaims.

Seven days after being placed in lawful possession by execution of a writ of possession, a landlord may dispose of personal property remaining on the premises in accordance with the provisions of this section and G.S. 42-36.2(b).

Where can I read the entire bill?

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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

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