Sanford City Council Approves Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

The City of Sanford City Council on Tuesday, approved a local funding match requirement for bicycle and/or pedestrian projects for the Broadway Road Widening Project.

The approval of the local funding would commit the city to a 20% non-federal funding match of the total cost for the bicylcle and pedestrian improvements.


  • Sidewalk portion – new sidewalks on the north side of Broadway Road from Horner Boulevard to Thornwood Drive and a small portion of the south side from Horner Boulevard to Rosser Road
  • Bike lane portion – installing a 4′ bike lane on both sides of Broadway Road from Horner Boulevard to the city limits


  • Now that the 20% match is approved the consultant will begin design work this month
  • Funds will NOT be needed until a projected 2018 timeline or when the construction of the project is complete

Projected Cost to City of Sanford:

  • Sidewalk = $86,940
  • Bike Lanes = $44,614
  • Modifications US 421 Bypass = $41,417

To view the proposed sidewalks and bike lanes for Broadway Road Widening project click ↓


Mayor Chet Mann – “This is a very great start for something significant for Sanford.”

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