Spring Lake – Sewer System Ready

Cumberland County will soon notify residents and property owners of the Overhills neighborhood when the new sewer system is complete.  Rates and paperwork will be mailed to the residents.

Background: (from Cumberland County Memo)

FAYETTEVILLE – Construction of a $4.4 million sewer extension project for Overhills Park Water and Sewer District is expected to start in three months and last one year.

The acquisition of the utility easements needed to extend the sewer main throughout the community delayed the project, which was originally approved in April 2014 with financing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Cumberland County. The projected cost in 2014 was $3.4 million.

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, acting as the governing board for the water and sewer district, received an update on the project during a special meeting July 19 and learned that USDA would cover the additional $1 million needed through grant and loan funding. The board signed a resolution accepting the amended funding conditions from the USDA Rural Utilities Services.

The County will receive a Rural Utilities Services grant of $2,961,000 for the project and a $1,379,000 loan from USDA. The loan will be repaid through sewer availability charges over a 40-year period. The County’s contribution remains at $50,700.

The Board of Commissioners established the Overhills Park Water and Sewer District in 2009 after failing septic tanks were reported in the area.  The district covers the Overhills Park Subdivision located just north of the Town of Spring Lake near the intersection of East Manchester Road and Highway 210.
The actual cost per customer will not be known until all work is complete; however, the estimate for the availability fee is $25.72 per month for owners that are not connected to the system. If property owners choose to connect to the sewer system, the projected monthly bill would be $50.25 per month (the availability fee is included in this amount).These figures are estimates based on projected customers and usage. The rates will be established once the exact cost and number of customers are determined. At that time property owners will receive a letter informing them of the actual rates.

The Town of Spring Lake will oversee the system’s operation, maintenance and sewer treatment. Cumberland County will handle the billing.    For more information, call 910-678-7682, email [email protected] or visit the Public Utilities webpage at co.cumberland.nc.us/public_utility/overhills_park.aspx.

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