2013 Muncipal Election Results

Town of Eastover

Charles McLaurin – Mayor

Town of Eastover Town Council

Lawrence Buffaloe
Donald Hudson
Benny Pearce

City of Fayetteville

Nat Robertson – Mayor

City of Fayetteville City Council

District 1 – Kathy Keefe Jensen
District 2 – Kady-Ann Davy
District 3 – Mitch Colvin
District 4 – Chalmers “Chet” McDougald
District 5 – Bobby Hurst
District 6 – Bill Crisp
District 7 – Larry Wright
District 8 – Ted Mohn
District 9 – Jim Arp

Town of Hope Mills

Jackie Warner – Mayor

Town of Hope Mills Commissioners

Bob Gorman
Bryan Marley
Pat Edwards
Jerry Legge
Matt Hoerner

Town of Spring Lake

Chris Rey – Mayor

Town of Spring Lake Alderman

James Christian
Richard Higgins
Densie Lucas
James O’Garra
Fredricka Sutherland

Hoke County

Raeford City Council

Wayne Willis
Charles Allen

In other Business:

Harnett County residents approved a 0.25 percent raise in sales tax.  The tax will be used for new school construction.

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