Candidate Curtis Worthy – District 7

What endorsements have you received for your current candidacy?


If offered, would you accept contributions from political action committees affiliated with the real estate industry? (RPAC, buildPAC etc.)

Yes, I am pro business.  Our economy of prosperous business will follow safe communities and vibrant neighborhoods.  We must address the crime rate because it has a direct impact on our residents and business owners.

With crime being the #1 City Council priority, what solutions would you bring to the table and how would you fund them?

As an accountant and business owner, I would line by line look over the budget for money to fund what Chief Medlock sees as the answer to work out the problems.

What is your opinion on the recent issues between the City of Fayetteville and the Public Works Commission?

PWC is the public utilities company and we should allow them to do that which is best for the rate payers.  Go slow.

What are your thoughts on a new city sign ordinance?  What would you like to see in the ordinance?

Not user friendly.  We should start with the same standards as the County of Cumberland.  We should have REALTOR member to serve on ordinance committee to change and consider new ordinance – how they effect business.

What new ideas/concepts can you bring to the office you are seeking?

Ask management to operate within the city fund revenue fixed means.  Citizens have no choice but to live within their fixed means.  City government must be made to do likewise.  No tax increase.

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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

Angie Hedgepeth, Government Affairs Director for the Association, attends all the local meetings each month, as well as NAR and NCAR meetings, and keeps members abreast of the multiple issues being addressed in local, state and national government. She prepares reports on the meetings she attends and they are included in the weekly "Government Affairs Update".