Candidate Jerry Reinoehl – District 1

What endorsements have you received for your current candidacy?

None to date

If offered, would you accept contributions from political action committees affiliated with the real estate industry? (RPAC, BuildPAC etc.)

I will accept legal contributions.  Note that aggregate cash contributions over $50.00, all anonymous contributions, and contributions from corporations, business entities, labor unions, professional associations, insurance companies and non U.S. citizens are prohibited and are respectfully declined.

With crime being the #1 City Council priority, what solutions would you bring to the table and how would you fund them?

Correction, public safety and crime is our #1 community problem.  This requires help of citizens and the community, and help from the county, state, and federal governments.  Resources needed this fiscal year to support Chief Medlock’s plan must come from internal reprogramming, state, and federal grants and other opportunity sources while preserving individual rights and liberties.

What is your opinion on the recent issues between the City of Fayetteville and the Public Works Commission?

I will look at all sides of the Public Works Commission (PWC) and City of Fayetteville consolidation of services issues and support a common sense position and solutions that benefit the residents of Fayetteville.  There appear to be some areas that should be considered for consolidation.  We have heard the City of Fayetteville side of the issue and now look forward to learning the PWC view.  I support solutions and not a turf battle.

What are your thoughts on a new city sign ordinance?  What would you like to see in the ordinance?

The basic document and several amendments provide a mind-boggling list of conforming and nonconforming sign rules, fees, procedures, and penalties on signage permitted in the city.  In my view, what happens within the walls of the business, including signage on exterior windows and doors, so long as not violating the law, is the responsibility of the business owner and their customers – not the City of Fayetteville.

What new ideas/concepts can you bring to the office you are seeking?

Work with county, state, and federal government representatives to establish a criminal justice legal system with the capacity to function quickly and efficiently.  Work with volunteer and government agencies to reduce the high school dropout rate and protect our children from today’s threats which may influence whether a child becomes a productive and responsible member of society or the next generation of career criminal.


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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

Angie Hedgepeth, Government Affairs Director for the Association, attends all the local meetings each month, as well as NAR and NCAR meetings, and keeps members abreast of the multiple issues being addressed in local, state and national government. She prepares reports on the meetings she attends and they are included in the weekly "Government Affairs Update".