Local Boards & Commissions Vacancies

The City of Fayetteville is looking to its citizens to help fill vacancies for the following boards and commissions. Planning Commission – (a new sign ordinance will be on discussion this year as well as ongoing text amendments within the Unified Development Ordinance. Periodic public hearings on new planning projects) Human Relations Commission Senior Citizens AdvisoryContinue reading “Local Boards & Commissions Vacancies”

Fayetteville City Council Regular Meeting

Fayetteville City Council Regular Meeting May 28, 2013 Absent:  Mayor Tony Chavonne What Happened:  The following consent items were approved. The Council adopted a resolution opposing House Bill 773 at the General Assembly.  House Bill 773 would render the Rental Action Management Plan unenforceable.  The resolution will assist the City in its efforts to opposeContinue reading “Fayetteville City Council Regular Meeting”

Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting May 20, 2013 What Happened:  The following rezonings were approved unanimously. The rezoning of 3 acres from Planned Industrial/Conditional Use Overlay for manufactured home sales and Planned Industrial to M(P) Planned Industrial.  The property is located at 2965 Gillespie Street and on the east side of Gillespie Street,Continue reading “Cumberland County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting”

City Council Work Session

Fayetteville City Council Work Session May 6, 2013 Absent Council Members: Robert Massey What Happened:  Jami McLaughlin (Downtown Development Manager) and William Grimes (Consultant with Studio Cascade) presented the 2013 draft Downtown Fayetteville Renaissance Plan.  The draft plan is part of the City Council’s strategic planning goal.  The FRP will guide strategic visioning for the next ten years. Continue reading “City Council Work Session”