City of Fayetteville Zoning Commission

Zoning Commission
Regular Meeting
June 11, 2013

Commissioners Present: Martin Hendrix, OC Holloway, Jamie Watts, Jack Cox

What Happened:  The following rezoning’s were voted on as they pertain to the real estate industry.

  • The rezoning of property to BP/CZ (Business Park Conditional) district.  The property is located on Coalition Boulevard and is owned by Military Business Park, Inc.  City staff recommended approval.

Description:  235 acres, currently under developed, property is located between Bragg Boulevard, Santa Fe Drive and the All American Expressway, property will be developed as a multi phase business park

Vote: The Zoning Commission APPROVED this rezoning. The case will move on to the City Council for a final vote in July.

What Was Said:

Jimmy Kizer (Engineer) – “This is a great win win for the city.”

Commissioner Hendrix – “What about the traffic count?”

Kizer – “DOT (Department of Transportation) and the developer has come to an agreement.  DOT is improving that road with clover leaf loops and widening the roads.  It will be phased in as development increases.”

  • The rezoning of property from AR (Agricultural Residential) to SF-10/CZ (Single Family Residential Conditional) zoning.  The property is located in River Glen Subdivision on Vandenberg Drive.  The property is owned by Estate Builders LLC.  City staff recommended denial based on numerous factors to include…

*The significant increase in density (an increase of 213 lots)
*Traffic – traffic will flow through existing neighborhoods with larger lots
*No additional road connections are proposed
*107 lots in the 100 year floodplain
*Open space/community areas are located away from the residential lots

Description: 196 acres, property is vacant and an undeveloped portion of River Glenn Subdivision

(from City memo) The requested conditional zoning allows up to 571 zero lot line lots on approximately 196 acres.  An increase of 213 lots over what is currently approved.  One hundred acres, most of which is floodway or floodplain will be designated as open space.  The typical lot size is 8,700 square feet. 

Vote: The Zoning Commission DENIED the rezoning.  If the applicant does not APPEAL the decision, the case will move forward to the City Council as a denial from the Commission.  The City Council will vote on this rezoning in July.

What Was Said:

Craig Harmon (City Planner) – “He has 213 more lots that what was approved.”

Kizer – “This project started in the county and was annexed into the city.”


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