Fayetteville City Council July 22nd

Fayetteville City Council
Regular Meeting
July 22, 2013

The following rezonings were approved.

  • 4926 Yadkin Road – Property will be rezoned from SF-10 Single Family Residential to CC – Community Commercial.  Property is 1.23 acres in size.  Owned by Hyung Sackos.  Owner wishes to make the property harmonious with surrounding land use.
  • Coalition Boulevard – Property will be rezoned to Business Park Conditional.  The property is owned by the Military Business Park, Inc.  The property is currently being developed as a multi phase business park.
  • River Glen Subdivision on Vandenberg Drive – Property will be rezoned from AR – Agricultural Residential to SF-10 Single Family Residential Conditional Zoning.  The property is 196 acres and is owned by Estate Builders, LLC.  The request will allow up to 682 zero lot line lots.  The Zoning Commission and city staff recommended DENIAL in this case.  Councilman Bates voted in opposition of the rezoning.
    Sidebar: All traffic from the proposed subdivision will go through existing neighborhoods with larger lot sizes.  No additional roads are proposed at this time.
    What Was Said:
    Councilman Bates – “So 3,000 cars will go through someone else’s neighborhood?”
    Craig Harmon (Planner) – “That is one of staffs concerns but there is not a lot of access points to the developer.”

Other Business:

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Update – City staff and stakeholders have held various meetings to discuss changes to the Unified Development Ordinance.  For local developers these changes are beneficial to the overall requirements of a project.  For further information please go to the city website www.ci.fayetteville.nc.us

The new revisions are as follows…(from staff report)

  • Individual single-family properties remain exempted from these standards
  • Tree save, open space, and parkland requirements are consolidated as “open space”
  • For nonresidential development including multi-family (more than three unites)
    1 acre or less, no open space requirements
    Redevelopment sites less than five acres – 5% open space is required
    Unimproved sites greater than 1 acre up to 10 acres – 10% is required
    Redevelopment corridor sites 5 acres or greater – reduced to 7.5%
  • For residential subdivision (at least 10% must be on-site)
    Sites greater than 1 acre to 5 acres – 10% open space is required
    Sites greater than 5 acres to 20 acres – 15% is required
    Sites greater than 20 acres – 20% is required
  • Specimen trees (trees 30 inches or more in diameter) or existing trees proposed for credit in landscaping or open space still require location on a site plan and review for any credit in landscaping or open space still require location on a site plan and review for any credit or removal.  Instead of on site replacement when a specimen tree must be removed, $100 per caliper inch may be paid into a tree planting fund.
  • Incentives encourage protection of specimen trees and existing clusters of trees.
  • Other incentives and options are offered for constrained or more urban sites.
  • Stormwater facilities, whether LID or typical stormwater ponds, are more fully integrated into open space standards.
  • Where open space is provided, at least 50% must be usable for passive or active recreation.
  •  Where open space is provided, at least 50% must be usable for passive or active recreation
  • In-lieu-payment may be made for the open space requirement except that for multi-family development over 20 units, at least 50% of the required open space must be provided on site.


For Further information or questions regarding this report please contact:

Angie Hedgepeth                        

Government Affairs Director

Fayetteville Regional Association of REALTORS®

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