New North Carolina Law! – Landlord & Tenants HB 802

What bill is now law?  North Carolina House Bill 802 Name of the bill?  “Laws related to landlord and tenant relationships to shorten the time period required to evict a tenant What does this mean for me?  This legislation is aimed at decreasing the timeline for eviction of a tenant by reducing the number ofContinue reading “New North Carolina Law! – Landlord & Tenants HB 802”

NCAR Legislative Meetings

North Carolina Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings Raleigh, NC April 22-23, 2013 FRAR Members Present: Wendy Harris, James Sherrill, Chet Oehme, Steve Cohan, Suzanne Pennick, Jay Dowdy, Johnniecia Corwise, Dave Evans, Ralph Reagan, Swyan Hamlet, David Leet, Queen Wheeler, Zan Monroe, Jane Cannon, Debbie McFayden, Cheryl Spears What Happened:  Various meetings took place at theContinue reading “NCAR Legislative Meetings”