City Council Meeting 1/27/14 – Zero Lot Line Changes

The following changes to the United Development Ordinance Chapter 30 regarding modifications to zero lot line standards were approved. Information is from the planning staff’s power point which can be viewed in it’s entirety

Definition of Zero Lot Line – to provide flexibility in setbacks and lot dimensions when two or more structures intended for individual ownership are being built.

Benefits to a developer – maximization of density; oddly shaped or constrained sites can now become more usable; infill becomes more feasible.

  • allows zero lot line (ZLL) standards in additional zoning districts
  • deletes complex tables
  • allows ZLL in Agriculture-Residential (AR) and all other base districts
  • design standards for single family and duplex development
    -type A buffer when side or rear yard faces the front of another house
    -orientation is to the street
  • infill development on small sites (< 3 acres) requires a special use permit (two quasi-judicial hearings)
  • The changes rely on design standards in Article 5 and with ZLL changes to provide compatibility with surrounding development for most ZLL projects
  • less compatible plans will require a hearing before the Planning Commission and can be appealed to the City Council

Incompatible plans surrounding neighborhoods resulting from:

  • excessive pavement in front yards – no more than 50% impervious surface allowed in front yards
  • structure orientation not to primary street (unlike the rest of the neighborhood)
  • uniformity of individual building design
  • setbacks


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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

Angie Hedgepeth, Government Affairs Director for the Association, attends all the local meetings each month, as well as NAR and NCAR meetings, and keeps members abreast of the multiple issues being addressed in local, state and national government. She prepares reports on the meetings she attends and they are included in the weekly "Government Affairs Update".