Cumberland County Commissioners Update – February

The following public hearings were approved as they pertain to local real estate.

Case P17-06 – rezoning of 43.23 acres from A1 Agricultural & CD Conservancy District to R30 Residential.

Location:  1440 Canady Pond Road
Owner:  Charles T. Gardner


  • 2016 – property was purchased for development of a solar farm
  • Rezoning is now for high quality residential construction
  • There will only be (1) entrance into Canady Pond
  • Wooded buffer around property is proposed
  • $250,000 – $325,000 houses proposed

What Was Said: (Developer) “We’re not gonna put no junk there in Gray’s Creek…growth is happening and most property owners agree.”

Melvin Welkins (resident) – “I’m retired military…I tried to get away and retire at a quiet place.  Forty homes on a country road, your building another community in a community.  You’re messing up our quality of life.  There will be 40 wells…are we going to run out of water?”

The R40/CD PASSED with Commissioner Keefe voting in opposition.

Case P17-04 – rezoning of 2.80 acres from R6A Residential to C(P) Planned Commercial.
Location:  southwest quadrant of the NC HWY 295 Murchison Road off-ramp and NC HWY 210 (Murchison Road), north of Bernadine Street
Owner:  Lateon Still
Agents:  Lori Epler & Ralph Huff


  • Sewer is 1,900 feet away
  • $200,000 – $400,000 to bring sewer if this is annexed
  • Currently there are 11 section 8 housing units on the property
  • Give them time to move out
  • After move, property will be cleared out, raised, grassed and seeded
  • Ideas for the property to include (Sheets gas station or hotel)

The rezoning PASSED unanimously.






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