Fayetteville City Council discusses Gateway Overlay District

During the January Work Session of the Fayetteville City Council, the council discussed a proposed Gateway Corridor Overlay District.  Although no formal motion was made, the Council directed city staff to make adjustments and place the item back on the work session agenda for February.

Those in verbal disapproval of the district – Councilman Arp & Mayor Robertson

(from city presentation)

Highlights are below:

Direction of the proposed Overlay District:

  • regulate use type, if yes, which corridors?
  • regulate sign type
  • Amortize signs & buildings (eliminating or reducing a nonconformity over time)
  • building types (motels, used car lots, outdoor storage)

Recommended Corridors:

  • Eastern boulevard – currently Crown Coliseum Overlay in place
  • Cedar Creek Road – corridor is a “blank slate”
  • Grove Street – NCDOT project, gateway to downtown
  • Murchison Road – Major N-W entrance, future planning for Shaw Heights, catalyst site projects
  • Robeson-Bragg – Major N-S entrance, I-295 offers opportunity to transition, gateway to downtown
  • Raeford Road – NCDOT road widening will create an opportunity to redefine the corridor, major entrance into the City from the west
  • Hope Mills Road – future planning for roadway, opportunity to distinguish Fayetteville from Hope Mills
  • Ramsey Street – new development has occurred, corridor can can benefit from a coordinated approach

Not Recommended:

  • Outer Loop
  • Skibo-Pamalee-Country Club
  • MLK/HWY 87
  • East Mountain/Owen/All American
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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

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