Fayetteville City Council Regular Meeting

Fayetteville City Council
Regular Meeting
May 28, 2013

Absent:  Mayor Tony Chavonne

What Happened:  The following consent items were approved.

  • The Council adopted a resolution opposing House Bill 773 at the General Assembly.  House Bill 773 would render the Rental Action Management Plan unenforceable.  The resolution will assist the City in its efforts to oppose the bill and similar legislation that would limit the City.

Sidebar:  House Bill 773 passed the House and is now on the Senate side.  The bill will be discussed in the Senate Commerce Committee.

(from the City) The City has worked to implement RAMP effectively since July 1, 2012.  The City’s RAMP program is a successful collaboration between code enforcement officials and the police department.  The program is designed to allow the City to more closely monitor rental properties that are the site of repeated or sever code violations or that are the site of certain criminal acts.  Ramp is intended to achieve compliance rather than impose punishment and provides property owners with extensive notice and opportunity to remediate violations.  The program is important to our community as nearly 50% of inhabited dwellings in Fayetteville are renter-occupied, increasing the potential for neglect or code violations.

Other Items of Business:

  • Rebecca Rogers-Carter (Strategic Planning Manager) presented the City Councils FY 2014 Strategic Plan for the City of Fayetteville.  The goals are below.

1. The City of Fayetteville will be a safe and secure community – increase law enforcement community engagement and collaboration, create gang task force, develop traffic safety improvement strategy

2. The City of Fayetteville will have a strong diverse and viable local economy – implement local business initiatives

3. The City of Fayetteville will be designed to include vibrant focal points, unique neighborhoods and high quality, effective infrastructure – increase street maintenance funding, improve gateways

 4. The City of Fayetteville will be a highly desirable place to live, work and recreate with thriving neighborhoods and a high quality of life for all citizens – revisit funding plan for Parks and Recreation, develop traffic flow improvement strategy

5. The City of Fayetteville will have unity of purpose in leadership and sustainable capacity within the organization – City Council recognition of employees, study PWC efficiencies/consolidation opportunities, identify efficiencies through IT to increase effectiveness

6. The City of Fayetteville will develop and maintain strong and active community connections – develop and deliver ongoing coordinated information campaign, develop partnerships

  • The Council approved the Downtown Fayetteville Renaissance Plan

Click here to view the  plan.

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