Fayetteville City Council Update

The City Council held their annual planning retreat.  The day long meeting took place at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens.  A full council was in attendance in addition to city administration and staff.  The following are top priroties for the coming year.

1.  Crime & safety

2. Economic Development

What Was Said:
Councilman Crisp – “We’ve been depending on the Alliance and the Chamber.  We’re depending on other people.  We want to drive our train because it hasn’t been done.

Councilman Colvin – “We haven’t seen rapid progress.  We have to support small business in our community.”

Councilwoman Jensen – “We need a campaign to make people feel guilty for not spending money in Fayetteville.”

Mayor Pro Tem Davy – “Tony Chavonne is doing a good job with the downtown alliance and he will begin bringing ideas back to the council.”

Councilman Mohn – “Could we lobby the General Assembly to add Shaw Heights to the city?”

Ted Voorhees (City Manager) – “It has been suggested in concept but no.”

Mohn – “Can we get a bill?”

Councilman Arp – “It should have been annexed…it has an impact on the city.”

3. Parks & Recreation

What Was Said:
Jensen – “We need to take the elephant and chip away.”

Voorhees – “We need a bond package…none of us bought our house with cash.  This gives us the ability and a responsible way for large capital.”

Council suggestion – updated Parks & Recreation plan

4. Customer Service

5. Homelessness

What Was Said:
Mayor Robertson – “We have a boarded up building and we have had some cold nights.  Without this being on the radar, staff will not see it as a priority.

6.  Land Use Plan

Other Business:

Deteriorating Neighborhoods

What Was Said:
Scott Shuford (Development Services Director) – “There are gaps created in neighborhoods…need to be more active.  We have got to overcome the local developer not interested in inner city development.”

Colvin – “Is there an incentive to close the gap?”

Victor Sharpe (Community Development Director) – “With low to moderate income, we can acquire land and encourage them to build developments..take a risk.  We have land but local developers are not willing to take the risk and part of it is location.  If we can come up with the right project…”

Rochelle Small-Toney (Assistant City Manager) – “We need a land bank.  The city acquired properties and puts it back out on the street.”

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