Legislative Town Hall for the City of Fayetteville & Cumberland County

VIRTUAL TOWN HALL JANUARY 21ST – 4PM Join NC Senator Kirk deViere, County Commissioners Jeannette Council & Toni Stewart, Fayetteville City Council Member Shakeyla Ingram, Board of Education Member Charles McKellar, and Lee Lilley – Legislative Director for Gov. Roy Cooper for a Facebook Live Legislative Town Hall on Thursday, January 21st at 4PM.  Continue reading “Legislative Town Hall for the City of Fayetteville & Cumberland County”

Governor Extends Eviction Moratorium

Governor Extends North Carolina Evictions MoratoriumRaleighDec 30, 2020Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 184, extending North Carolina’s evictions moratorium through January 31, 2021. Research shows that eviction moratoriums help prevent the spread of COVID-19. States that let their eviction moratoriums lapse saw a COVID-19 incidence rate that was 1.6 times higher than states thatContinue reading “Governor Extends Eviction Moratorium”

NC Eviction Moratorium Extended Through 2020

Governor Roy Cooper issued Executive Order No. 171. This order requires landlords to make residential tenants aware of their rights under the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Order. For eviction actions commencing after Executive Order No. 171, landlords must give residents the option to fill out a declaration form before starting any eviction action. TheContinue reading “NC Eviction Moratorium Extended Through 2020”

N.C. Moratorium on Rental Evictions has Ended

On Sunday, June 28, Governor Roy Cooper’s moratorium on rental evictions across the state ended. Governor Cooper urges NC REALTOR® members to continue ongoing efforts to work with tenants to help prevent evictions during the pandemic. You can find the Governor’s letter in the link below. https://www.ncrealtors.org/wp-content/uploads/AANC-Realtors-Letter.pdf?_cldee=YWhlZGdlcGV0aEBmYXlldHRldmlsbGVuY21scy5jb20%3d&recipientid=contact-738d6e4394ed419290b44c782a151f16-98cd2b5c332a49c3a76c4d26783fc7bb&esid=7ae87aec-f9b6-ea11-9c4a-00155d0079a1

NCDOT Developing State Trails Plan…taking surveys

Good Morning Everyone, NCDOT is in the process of developing the Great Trails State Plan. The goal of this plan is to create a network of shared-use paths, trails and limited on-road connections, where off-road connections are not available. This system will support low-stress travel between county seats and/or other urban/town centers, state parks, recreationContinue reading “NCDOT Developing State Trails Plan…taking surveys”