Fayetteville City Council Approves Multiple Annexations

The following annexations have been approved for the City of Fayetteville

*Annexation area is located along the southern side of Dunn Road and the eastern side of N. Plymouth Street. The property consist of two parcels and a portion of two other parcels resulting in approximately 84.80 acres and is owned by AOM II LLC. This is a proposed industrial site.

This annexation passed unanimously.

*Annexation area is located within Kings Grant subdivision, along the western side of Shawcroft Road between Kimsey and Gregg Crout. The property is 5.22 acres and is owned by Tumbleweed Holdings, LLC. The development will consist of 140-160 residential homes.

This annexation passed with Councilwoman Shakela Ingram voting in opposition.

*Annexation area is located along the southern side of King and Rockfish Roads, across from Lakewood Drive. The property is 16.47 acres. The owner plans to build a commercial development.

This annexation passed unanamously.

City of Fayetteville Seeking Applications for Boards and Commissions

City of Fayetteville, NC Government


Are you a Fayetteville resident interested in shaping the future of the City by advising the Mayor and City Council? Apply by July 31, 2022 and become a member of a board or commission to be a voice in your community. To apply and learn more, visit Fayettevillenc.gov.

**The Fayetteville City Council will review and approve board and commission members at a regular meeting in September 2022.**

Click the link below or call Longleaf Pine for assistance.


Cumberland County Commission Update

The following public hearing rezoning cases were voted on.

Rezoning from A1 Agricultural District to R15 Residential Conditional Zoning District. The property is 6.0 acres and is located at the end of Laguardia Drive north of Gander Way. Developer proposed 14 single family residential lots as a zero lot line subdivision with lots ranging from 10,506 sq. ft and a 1.1 acre stormwater pond. County planning staff has recommended approval.

Vote: County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the rezoning. Commissioners Keefe, Boose and Lancaster were not present.

Reconsideration (rehearing) rezoning of 12.36 acres from A1 Agricultural District to CP Planned Commercial District. The property is located east of Cedar Creek Road, north of Tabor Church Road. The rezoning was previously denied in 2021. The owner of the property sued the county.

Vote: A motion was made to DEFER the case and the motion passed with Commissioner Evans voting in opposition.

What Was Said:

Commissioner Adams – Is anyone opposed to deferring?

Commissioner Evans – I am. I kinda understand your request but then again I don’t. You have a full board here, you have a quorum. What happens at the next meeting if the same individuals don’t show up or you don’t show up and you keep delaying it until you have a full seven member board? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Everybody gets a copy of the agenda. Everybody knew what was on the agenda tonight and then you have commissioners that didn’t show up. I don’t think it’s right to you (the developer) and it’s not right to this board. I think we need to act on this. It doesn’t make sense to put this off because you have 3 other members…were the other board members excused? Was it an excused absence?

Commissioner Adams – Mr. Keefe wasn’t feeling well. We had the meeting upstairs and he wasn’t feeling well.

Commissioner Evans – But he was here?

Commissioner Adams – Yes, but he said he wasn’t feeling well.

Commissioner Evans – What about Michael and Larry?

Commissioner Adams – Mr. Boose had some medical issues and Mr. Lancaster wasn’t feeling well.

Commssioner Evans – WOW

Other Business:

An incentive package was approved for project “Dogwood.” The project will be constructed on vacant property (Dunn Road) across from the former MJ Soffee. The package is for a national home construction company with the average wage of $45,079.

Environmental Protection Agency Announces New Gen X Advisories

(from EPA & Senator deViere’s office)

The EPA has issued LIFETIME Drinking Water Health Advisories for four PFAS Chemicals. The agency establishes new health advisories for GenX and PFBS.

The order requires Chemours to provide whole house filtration for private drinking water wells with Gen-X concentrations that fall within the new health advisory

The Department of Environmental Quality estimates that more than 1700 additional private well users will now be eligible for whole house filtration or connection to a public water supply

The DEQ has sent a letter to Chemours directing them to proceed with the implementation of the health advisory and additional information to be provided to residents regarding their options and next steps as soon as possible

According to the EPA, there is an increased risk of adverse health effects, including effects on the immune system, the cardiovascular system, human development, and cancer, when drinking water with these compounds above the health advisory over a lifetime.

The EPA recommends that water systems that measure any levels of PFOA or PFOS to take steps in informing customers, undertaking additional sampling to assess the levels, scope and source of the contamination, and to examine steps in limiting exposure.

The EPA is NOT recommending bottled water or providing alternative water sources.

To view the entire document click the link below. A community meeting will take place in July. Details coming soon.


The Cumberland County delegation attended a GenX briefing on June 16th, 2022. To view the press release click the link below.


Comments from the EPA announcement:

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan – “People on the front-lines of PFAS contamination have suffered for far too long. That’s why EPA is taking aggressive action as part of a whole-of-government approach to prevent these chemicals from entering the environment and to help protect concerned families from this pervasive challenge.”

EPA Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox – “EPA is also demonstrating its commitment to harmonize policies that strengthen public health protections with infrastructure funding to help communities – especially disadvantaged communities – deliver safe water.”

Assistant Administrator Fox announced these actions at the 3rd National PFAS Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Fayetteville City Council Approves New Uses for Hotels/Motels

Fayetteville City Council has approved unanimously to amend the Unified Development Ordinance to allow the adaptive reuse of hotels/motels into multi-family dwellings.

Adaptive reuse is intended to promote infill development, community compatibility and economic development by allowing and providing incentives for reusing valuable existing buildings after public review through the Neighborhood Compatibility Permit process. (from city ordinance) Fayetteville has a stock of fine older buildings that greatly contribute to the City’s quality of life and urban character. Adaptive reuse permits a wider range of land uses to be available to these existing buildings for the purpose of extending their useful life.

Conversion from hotels/motels is allowed for hotels/motels operating over a ten year period or are currently NOT operating but have operated in the past ten years as a hotel/motel.

This ordinance change is to encourage redevelopment along underutilized commercial strip corridors and reinvestment in distressed residential neighborhoods.

Candidate Antonio Jones Fayetteville City Council District 3 questionnaire

1. Candidates Full Name: Dr. Antonio Jones

2. Daytime Phone Number: 9107058419

3. E-Mail: [email protected]

4. Current Occupation Position: Broker

5. Previously Elected/Appointed Position(s):

Fayetteville City Council District 3 NC REALTORS(R) Diversity Committee Longleaf Pines REALTORS (R) Diversity Committee Cumberland County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) William C. Bass Leadership Academy

6. Community Involvement:

Active Member of Temple Of Faith Church Fay, NC Homeless Initiatives for Vets & Civilians Clothing Closet Initiatives Coached Sports Teams for Youth Athletics Assist with families who have children incarcerated (MWCBB) At-Risk Youth Mentorship

7. Community Endorsements:

Greater Sandhills Central Labor Council NC State AFL-CIO

8. Do You Have an Active Campaign Account? Yes

9. Do You Accept PAC Checks? Yes

10. What’s your plan to address the need for workforce and affordable housing?

First, request reviews of zoning, permitting, & development policies to ensure that we are not making it too hard for Builders, etc. to construct or remodel housing units and/or commercial spaces for non-profits, etc., that serve the community Also, increase the housing trust fund to help support the building of units to address our 20k deficit, down payment assistance programs, and to assist with rent affordability -Various Partnerships are going to make this viable & sustainable

11. List three ideas that you would do if elected to attract high paying jobs and industries?

Improve public safety as companies want to know that their emplovees will live in a safe citv. Within this component, increase training, learning of various trades & Internships for high school students&college residents, military spouses & those retiring here through partnerships with local Universities, Comm.Colleges, to increase our qualified applicant pool Provide comprehensive tax incentive packages & actively recruit via FayCumb EconDev, etc.,Improve INFRASTRUCTURE to support growth

12. What do you see as the biggest challenge in your district?

Public safety & Affordable housing options in a rapidly growing District The District is growing very quickly and is in a place where it could potentially ” price out ” many families who cannot currently purchase homes but need some form of purchasing assistance and/or rental properties (located in safe communities) at an affordable rate This challenge includes increasing development in underserved communities, restoring Neighborhood pride & minimizing gentrification efforts

13. Regarding tourism, what can be done to promote a vibrant city to outside guest and even within the community?

-Ensure we have a clean/beautified city, to include roadways & green spaces – Increase the quantity & improve upon existing recreational areas, including but not limited to trail systems, multimodal access -Increase the marketing of the various entertainment opportunities throughout the city (I.e., theatre, museums, special events etc) on a statewide basis -PARTNER with organizations to increase entertainment -Take advantage of local talent pool & ideas

14. How do you propose to improve communications between your office and the community of REALTORS® who are becoming more engaged on issues in your district?

-Use of Social Media platforms & email -Attending local REALTORS (R) meetings -Continue to engage with applicable local Association & Builders Association staff -Utilize Association Newsletter to provide info (as allowed) -Invite / Share Community meetings with local Association to share with members -Other methods as determined throughout term