City of Fayetteville Accepting Applications to Various Boards & Commissions

Boards and Commissions applications open

Post Date:09/13/2021 3:54 PM

(Fayetteville, N.C.) – The City of Fayetteville has vacancies for the following Boards and Commissions. Fayetteville residents can apply.:

  • Board of Advisors for the Woodpeckers Capital Reserve Account – 4 Vacancies
  • Fayetteville-Cumberland Economic Development Board – 2 Vacancies
  • Joint City and County Appearance Commission – 1 Vacancy
  • Stormwater Advisory Board – 1 Vacancy

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on October 13, 2021. All qualified applications will be presented to the Appointment Committee in October. The Fayetteville City Council will approve Boards and Commissions members at a meeting in November.

The City will accept applications via the website Residents should click “City Council”, scroll down to “Boards and Commissions” and click “Vacancies”. 

Sanford Jetport Receiving Federal/State Funding for Improvements

The following news article is from the Sanford Herald in Sanford, North Carolina.

$4 million-plus OK’d for work at Jetport

  • By NANCY MCCLEARY [email protected]
  • The Raleigh Executive Jetport in Sanford is one of 13 airports in North Carolina approved for federal and state funding for improvements, according to the N.C. Board of Transportation.

The Jetport will receive $4.77 million for construction of new taxi lanes and improvement to existing lanes, a Department of Transportation release said.

The Jetport, located off U.S. 1, is billed as “a premier corporate gateway to the Research Triangle,” according to its website.

The airport is located on 700 acres and is home to corporate aircraft given its proximity to Raleigh, the website said.

In May, work began on a new corporate hangar at the airport.

Earlier in the year, the airport was linked to the City of Sanford’s public sewer project, a $2.7 million project that was funded,in part by the Golden LEAF economic development foundation, a news release said.

The transportation board also approved funding at its Sept. 2 meeting for projects at airports in Louisburg; the Statesville Regional Airport; Mount Airy/Surry County Airport; Michael J. Smith Field in Beaufort; Martin County Airport in Williamston; Macon County Airport in Franklin; Lumberton Regional Airport; Lincolnton-Lincoln County Regional Airport; Laurinburg-Maxton Airport; Hyde County Airport in Englehard; Duplin County Airport in Kenansville; and Dare County Regional Airport in Manteo.

Fayetteville Annexes New Subdivision in Arran Lakes West

The Fayetteville City Council annexed the Commons at Arran lakes West Subdivision unanamously August 23. The new subdivision is located west of Bingham Drive and at the end of Westfork Drive. Adjacent neighborhoods are Arran Lakes West to the north and Duck’s Landing to the southwest. The southern part of the proposed subdivision is not in the Fayetteville city limits.

The number of acres in the subdivision is 9.96. The new residential subdivision will provide 38 new residential homes.

Fayetteville City Council Public Hearings on North Side Annexations

The following public hearings were voted on by the Fayetteville City Council as they pertain to the real estate industry.

Annexation request for the proposed Coventry Woods subdivision. The project is located on the south side of McCloskey road and consist of 40.69 acres and being the property of William Clark. The new subdivision will have 112 residential lots and 112 housing units. Staff has assumed that construction will start on January 2, 2023 and potentially be completed by September 30, 2025.

McCloskey Road runs westward from Ramsey Street, north of I-295/Ramsey Street Interchange. If annexed the project will use PWC water and sewer for the future development. Present condiditons of the parcel is undeveloped.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Kathy Keefe to table the annexation for 30 days so the developer can talk to homeowners. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Yvonne Kinston. The motion passed unanimously.

What was said:

Councilwoman Keefe – Are these $350,00 homes?
Jimmy Kizer (engineer) – I really can’t answer. They are building a similar project in Fairfield Farms currently. This will be an extension of that. We don’t get involved in the house construction part. It will float with market demands.

Councilwoman Keefe – So this is going to be a part of the Fairfield Farms Homeowners Association or is it just going to be a free for all? Can they put a 1,200 square foot home off a 4,000 square foot home?
Kizer – There is only one builder in the development that I know of. It will be built in phases. We are looking at 250 lot phases at this time. That same builder is the builder in Fairfield Farms. This will be a seperate HOA.

Councilwoman Keefe – But it backs up to them correct?
Kizer – yes

Councilwoman Keefe – So has anyone spoken to Fairfield Farms HOA? Are they aware that there will be a second entrance? This is kinda the first time hearing about it.
Kizer – I haven’t had any conversations with the HOA.

Councilwoman Keefe – So in our cam it shows expected value of $350,000 now I’m hearing $210,000 and a seperate entrance. That’s going to infrendge on the neighborhood and whether the neighborhood understands what is happening.

Coucilwoman Kinston – Was there a sign placed at the new entrance indicating the changes that would occur for that entrance?
Staff – No.

Doug Hewitt (City Manager) – The purposed zoning is similar to Fairfield Farms and annexation just gives the developer access to sewer and water…so it’s the same zoning as Fairfield Farms. It is not our process to do a community meeting. We can strongly encourage but not tradinally we have done.

Councilwoman Keefe – I got this seat because this happened in our neighborhood. I’m not against the developer but I feel the neighborhood needs to know what is happening. So my motion is we bring this back in 30 days, that we have time to let the neighborhood know that there will be an entrance coming in both ways.

What’s Next?

The annexation will be back on the September 27th regular City Council meeting agenda.

Annexation request for two properties, located at 5980 Ramsey Street and a portion of 6000 Ramsey Street. The property is .99 acres. Adjacent neighborhoods are Heather Ridge Apartments and North Crossings Apartments. The owner plans to build a new office building.

A motion was made to approve the annexation by Councilwoman Keefe and seconded by Councilman D.J. Hair. The motion passed unanimously.

Fayetteville City Council Adopts “Housing Affordability Study”

from the City of Fayetteville

Affordable housing has been and continues to be a national concern for many growing communities. The City has commissioned an affordable housing study to guide the City of Fayetteville’s public investment and provide recommendations to address the housing needs within the community.

Key points and solutions:

  • Improve knowledge, awareness, and access to housing needs and resources
    Develop housing resources & engage
    Support Community organizations
    Increase landlord engagement
  • Expand the supply of affordable, quality housing options
    Housing Trust Fund
    Public land disposition
    Land banking
    Provide gap financing
    Encourage affordable housing provisions
  • Preserve existing affordable housing and ensure housing quality
    Leverage state preservation programs
    Periodic inspections
  • Support self-sufficiency
    Location policy
    Support missing middle and infill housing
    Down payment assistance
    Economic and workforce development

    Implementation Timeline
  • Year one & two – develop housing resources website, provide housing assistance & education, conduct landlord outreach, establish a housing trust fund, identify publicly owned developable land. leverage state and federal funding for housing repair and rehabilitation, create a location policy to incentivize development of housing in priority locations
  • Year 3, 4, 5 – support acquisition of property to form a land bank, encourage affordable housing provisions for developments requesting variances from local government regulations, create a periodic residential inspection program to improve housing quality, reduce local barriers for development of missing middle housing and infill housing, enhance down payment assistance program for special populations

NC REALTORS® Government Affairs Update

The Advocate
August 13, 2021

Bill activity and movement is starting to return to normal at the legislature. One issue of significance to NCR and is part of our legislative policy agenda is dealing with Orphan Roads.

NCR supports clear road standards and adoption procedures to ensure roads intended for Department of Transportation (DOT) adoption do not end up abandoned, leaving homeowners’ safety and financial security in jeopardy.

House bill 489 was amended this week to include language requiring DOT to take over subdivision roads within 90 days of a request. This provision requires that the roads meet DOT’s standards for acceptance into the state road maintenance system.

This is great news as it helps prevent subdivision roads from falling into disrepair while waiting for approval, and it ensures homeowners are not left with unexpected maintenance costs.

House bill 489 passed all Senate Committees this week and will be heard by the full Senate the week of August 16. As the bill was changed in the Senate it will be sent back to the House for concurrence. NCR’s lobbying team is working to ensure concurrence in the House.

Also this week, the House budget included $30,000,000 to be used towards bringing orphan roads up to DOT standards so they can be accepted into the state maintenance program. Many of the details need to be worked out so funding is for the 2022-23 budget year to give all stakeholders more time to determine the best way to allocate these funds.

Other important budget provisions included in the House budget are as follows:
Mill and Historic Tax Credits are made permanent
The Historic Preservation Tax Credit program is essential to ensuring that our state’s historic properties are preserved and restored to their former glory for valuable use. These credits help restore downtowns and rural areas, helping to revitalize communities by generating economic development and tourism, bringing people to our state. NCR supports the continuation of historic preservation and restoration by eliminating the sunset of the Historic Preservation Tax Credit program.

PPP aligns with the Federal Government This makes the requirements for those with PPP loans the same as federal guidelines.

Increase in the standard deduction – the amount earned before taxes are collected.

SALT (State and Local Tax Deductions) Provisions are included.

Lowers personal and corporate tax rates

Allocates $1 billion for broadband.

Allocates $200,000,000 for the Housing Finance Agency to provide gap funding to get workforce and other affordable housing options completed around the state.

Provides $30,000,000 for Travel and Tourism Marketing.

Please stay tuned for future Advocates for updates on important budget provisions and NCR priority legislation.

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