Fayetteville City Council Meeting Report October 24

The following agenda items were discuss and voted on as they pertain to real estate.

Case P22-36 Conditional rezoning from Single-Family to Mixed-Residential Conditional Zoning for no more than 160 units. The property is 15.14 acres and is located on 7009 Fillyaw Road. The developer plans to build 125 units. The property is owned by Alternative Investment Holdings and was represented by Jonathan Charleston. The rezoning passed unanimously.

The Council unanimously passed funding for the North Carolina History Center in the amount of 6.6 million dollars.

NC REALTORS ® Legislative Agenda for 2023-2024

The NC REALTORS® 2022 Legislative Committee met this week to review the 2023/24 legislative priorities for the NC General Assembly.

(from NC REALTORS® report) – This plan outlines anticipated advocacy activity for the 2023-24 Legislative Session. It identifies issues that the Governmental Affairs team is proposing to address.

Short Term Rentals (STR) – Property owners should not face restrictions on how they are allowed to rent their property. The ability to generate housing income is vital to many people as well as the local North Carolina economies that rely on tourism.

Parea – More than 1,500 North Carolina REALTORS® are licensed appraisers. Appraisals are an important part of real estate transactions. The profession has been under national scrutiny and is facing increasing regulatory changes.

Housing Affordability and Availability – Challenges and barriers need to be eliminated or reduced so that the dream of homeownership is attainable for all as well as pass legislation that prevents local governments from restricting housing options and availability with arbitrary ordinances, excessive fees, and permit delays.

Additional Legislative Items for 2023
*Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act
*Make government issued military ID’s acceptable for real estate closings
*Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
*Require Commercial Land Disclosure Form for all vacant land
*Allow sales tax referendums to say what they are paying for
*Orphan Roads – continue to find solution and funding resources
*Deed Transfer on Death Issues
*Cost limit for homes in the beach plan
*Animals left in rentals
*Licensing Wholesalers
*School Calendar Law – punishment for districts breaking the law
*PAC Law Changes

Fayetteville City Council Update

The following agenda items were voted on by the Council as they pertain to the real estate industry.

*Rezoning of property from Office Institutional to Limited Commercial located at the intersection of McArthur Road and Stacy Weaver. The city’s paperwork does not state the commercial development. This rezoning PASSED.

*Annexation APPROVED along the western side of Ramsey Street, across from Slocomb Road and South of Wolfpoint drive. The property is 15.29 acres will be developed as commercial.

*APPROVED a conditional use zoning from Planned Neighborhood Development to Single-Family zoning for a 38 lot single family residential subdivision that is located at the end of Saddle Ridge Road. The property is 31.01 acres. Property is owned by Appleton South, LLC.

*Annexation APPROVED along the southern side of Hampton Ridge Road and adjacent to Kings Grant Subdivision. The property is 30.01 acres and is owned by Appleton South, LLC (Ralph Huff and David Vannoy, managers). The proposed development will have a low density residential subdivision consisting of 38 lots.

*APPROVED a Community Commercial Zoning for apartments and multi-use recreation facility. The property is located at the end of Jim Johnson Road and contains 69.94 acres. The property is owned by Charles Graham Johnson. The project title is the Cedar Creek Multi-Use Park.

*Annexation APPROVED along the southwestern side of Cedar Creek Road and Jim Johnson Road. The property is 72.91 acres and is owned by Charles Graham Johnson.

Cumberland County Commission Update

The following rezoning’s were voted on as they pertain to the real estate industry.

Wayne Younts Realty & Construction requested a rezoning from A1 Agricultural District to R40 Residential District for 35.83 acres. The property is located adjacent to Wade Stedman Road and Royal Williams Road. The planning board and staff recommended APPROVAL. The purpose of the rezoning is to create single family residential. The proposed rezoning was approved by county staff and the Cumberland County Joint Planning Board.

Commissioner Jeanette Council made a motion to deny the rezoning and it was seconded by Commissioner Tony Stewart. The motion passed UNANAMOUSLY and the rezoning failed.

Rezoning of 12.36 acres from A1 Agricultural District to Planned Commercial District or to a more restrictive zoning district, located east of Cedar Creek Road, north of Tabor Church Road. The rezoning would allow the property owners to develop the property with a commercial nonresidential use. This property aligns with Southeastern Cumberland Land Use Plan and falls within a Commercial Node.

Vote – the rezoning was denied

Reconsideration of 12.36 acres from A1 Agricultural District to Planned Commercial District. The property is located east of Cedar Creek Road, north of Tabor Church Road. The property will be used for a Family Dollar store. The property is not consistent with the Southeastern Cumberland Land Use Plan.

Motion: Jimmy Keefe made a motion to approve but the motion failed with Commissioners Council, Stewart, Evans and Adams voting in opposition. The rezoning FAILED.

PWC Update on Customer Rates

(from Public Works Commission memo)

The Fayetteville Public Works Commission took action Wednesday July 27 that maintains PWC’s current base electric rates, reduces customer fees, introduces optional electric rates that will offer customers’ choice and continue to support PWC conservation efforts as well as support economic development.

PWC’s NEW optional Whole Home/Business rate will provide additional incentive for off peak energy use by introducing a NEW SUPER-OFF-PEAK rate, that is 50% less that PWC’s current off-peak electric rate.


Super Off-Peak energy period will be available in February 2023.

Super Off-Peak is 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM

There are also NEW and cost saving changes to electric vehicles, renewable energy & economic development. To view the changes and to view the entire power point, please click the link below.

In other changes, PWC lowered fees for connection, reconnection and meter testing, passing along savings achieved by new technology and operations.

From Elaina Ball (PWC CEO/General Manager)PWC is pleased to be able to hold our customers’ base electric rates steady, reduce certain fees and offer NEW optional rates that can help customers save energy and money. Electricity use and technology are rapidly changing , and we are excited to provide options to our customers that will encourage the adoption of new technologies such as roof top solar and electric vehicles.

Town of Hope Mills Update

Town Manager Scott Meszaraos gave an update to Hope Mills Commissioners on the “State of the Town.” The following information was presented as it pertains to real estate.


Between the period of June 2021 through July 2022 there have been 10 voluntary annexations for commercial and residential development

*1,000 plus proposed single family residential development
*Multifamily development
*20 acres of industrial development
*Commercial development
*Total acreage = 397


The Town of Hope Mills has recently completed the second phase of an existing subdivision and has construction in 4 additional separate reidential communities. These are all subdivisions that are within Town limits and separate from recent annexations.

*Valley End 2 (completion)
*Preserve at Lake Upchurch Phase 3
*Sheffield Farms Phase 5
*Sweetwater Phase 1
*Georgetown Estates Phase 3

Commercial Development – recent commercial development

*2 Starbucks (standalone)
*Fit 4 Life Fitness Center
*TJ Robinson Life Center
*Dirty Whiskey Distillery
*2nd Jersey Mikes
*2nd Taco Bell
*Barbara Anns Chicken
*Mavis Tire

Industrial Development

Liberty Point – 77 acre development that consists of 3 separate proposed industrial operations. When completed, Liberty Point will consist with over 40 million square feet of industrial development.
Building 1 – United States Postal Service
Building 2 – permitted for construction
Building 3 – permitted for construction
The Town has also recently annexed a 30 plus acre industrial development in this area.