Candidate Joseph “Bear” Dewberry D2 Fayetteville City Council Questionnaire

1. Candidates Full Name: Joseph “Bear” Dewberry

2. Daytime Phone Number: (910) 580-0170

3. E-Mail: [email protected]

4. Current Occupation Position: Business Owner

5. Previously Elected/Appointed Position(s): 


6. Community Involvement: 

Shinelight Autism Awareness; Breast Cancer Awareness; Domestic Violence Awareness/Prevention with Cumberland County DSS; Fallen Outdoors; On After Children’s Christmas; Cumberland County Autism Society; Fayetteville/Spring Lake Chambers of Commerce

7. Community Endorsements: 


8. Do You Have an Active Campaign Account? Yes

9. Do You Accept PAC Checks? Yes

10. What’s your plan to address the need for workforce and affordable housing? 

We’ve created opportunities to work. Now we need to create necessity to work. We know that people care for things that they have worked hard for, and if we can instill the value of work and self-sufficiency into our young people, we can begin to improve our employment climate.

Affordable housing may require some out-of-the-box thinking. The City of Dallas bought existing hotels and apartments and turned them into affordable housing to increase the city’s inventory. Other cities have purchased abandoned school buildings for the same purpose.

11. List three ideas that you would do if elected to attract high paying jobs and industries? 

Talent matters most to high-paying companies, because human capital is the key. First, we must build a strong workforce and nurture existing talent in our communities. Second, we must champion community colleges because their infrastructure allows us to train workers in skills needed to attract industry. Apprenticeships can help as well. Third, studies show that place-making, or creating places that people want to live, will draw industry, so we must focus on improving our community overall.

12. What do you see as the biggest challenge in your district? 

District 2 includes the richest of the rich, and the poorest of the poor, and it could be challenging to represent all the members of the district with a single voice. I understand, though, that when we bridge the gap among all the diverse groups that live in District 2, we will establish a template that can serve all of Fayetteville and that will help us celebrate our diversity. We must listen to each other and share ideas and prioritize all parts of our district in order to move forward as a whole. 

13. Regarding tourism, what can be done to promote a vibrant city to outside guests and even within the community? 

North Carolina’s location places it within an 8-hour drive of two-thirds of the nation’s population, and I-95 is the “Main Street” of the East Coast corridor, so our location already works in our favor. I think we’ve already begun this work with the parks and recreation work that is happening in Fayetteville. We’ve started working to create third places, and those are the things that will bring people to our area. When we create safe, clean, healthy environments that make people want to come here, travelers won’t treat us as a bypass. They’ll want to spend time here. 

14. How do you propose to improve communications between your office and the community of REALTORS® who are becoming more engaged on issues in your district? 

I have an “open door” policy that invites anyone to share their thoughts and ideas about district 2 with me. I’ve launched a newsletter that will keep people updated about the work we’re doing, and I’ve built communication options into my website so voters can always reach me. Better yet, many of the people in the district already have my personal cell phone number and I’ll gladly share it with voters who would like to stay connected. I’m also open to future meet-and-greets with REALTORS

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Published by Angie Hedgepeth

Angie Hedgepeth, Government Affairs Director for the Association, attends all the local meetings each month, as well as NAR and NCAR meetings, and keeps members abreast of the multiple issues being addressed in local, state and national government. She prepares reports on the meetings she attends and they are included in the weekly "Government Affairs Update".